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"Wolf Light Dance (Maiingan Waaseyaa Niimiwin)" Necklace No.2 (Plus Bonus Print)

"Wolf Light Dance (Maiingan Waaseyaa Niimiwin)" Necklace No.2 (Plus Bonus Print)

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At the core of this pendant lies a captivating masterpiece by Indigenous Artist Laura Martin, a stunning portrayal of the Northern Lights named the "Wolf Light Dance." This enchanting scene has been delicately preserved beneath a glass dome. The silver design draws inspiration from the Boreal forest, where mycelium silently navigates the underground, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all living things.

Laura's inspiration for "Wolf Light Dance" comes from her father's love for the wolf. He taught her to love and respect the wolf, and to listen to their teachings in humility and leadership. There’s a teaching that says "What happens to the wolf happens to the Anishinaabe, and what happens to the Anishinaabe happens to the wolf”. Every time Laura hears a wolf's call, she feels an energy emit healing light into the world.

Pendant measurement: 50x36mm  Leather Necklace 20"

This necklace come with a 5.5"x4.25" art print of "Wolf Light Dance (Maiingan Waaseyaa Niimiwin)".

Laura Martin is a First Nations Ojibwe artist hailing from Ontario, Canada.

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