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"Moose (Mooz) The Gentle Giant" Necklace No.2 (Plus Bonus Print)

"Moose (Mooz) The Gentle Giant" Necklace No.2 (Plus Bonus Print)

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This sterling silver pendant features a stunning art print called "Moose/Mooz - The Gentle Giant" by Indigenous Artist, Laura Martin.  A lovely bronze antler charm is unique to this design.  The drawing is encapsulated under a flat, glass bezel.

Laura's inspiration for "Mooz" came from the teaching of the moose: be gentle, kind hearted, take only what you need, and always share your fortunes with others. The moose offers us it’s entire body as an offering for us to survive. We use every single part of it out of respect and honour. Laura created this piece to show her appreciation for this beautiful creature and all that they have given.

Pendant measurement: 57x31mm Chain length: 18"

This necklace come with a 5.5"x4.25" art print of "Moose/Mooz - The Gentle Giant".

Laura Martin is a First Nations Ojibwe artist hailing from Ontario, Canada.

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