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Ochre Metals

Malachite and Mushroom Earrings

Malachite and Mushroom Earrings

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These are the sweetest little stud earrings, and a must have for mushroom lovers!  Each pair features  8mm, genuine malachite stones with water cast mushrooms dangling below. Overall they measure approx 20mm in length.  The metal is solid sterling silver with a darkened patina finish. 

**Water casting is the art of organically forming metal by heating it to a liquid state and pouring it into cold water. 

Due to the nature of the water casting technique, each mushroom is completely unique. Each stone will also have its own unique banding.  Orders will be chosen at random from the 5 pairs that were made. **The pair you receive may not be the one featured in this listing, but will be equally as beautiful**


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