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"Lynx (Bizhiw)" Necklace No.1 (Plus Bonus Print)

"Lynx (Bizhiw)" Necklace No.1 (Plus Bonus Print)

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This sterling silver pendant features a stunning art print of a Canadian Lynx "Bizhiw"  by Indigenous Artist, Laura Martin. The drawing is encapsulated under a domed, glass bezel.  Laura's inspiration for her Bizhiw piece came from the First Nations story of the great water Lynx or Mishipeshu. They are the spirit that lives in the Great Lakes protecting and keeping the waters alive and well. They are a teaching to remind us to always respect and care for the water, like they do for us.

Pendant measurement: 85mm x 30mm  .  Chain length: 18"

This necklace come with a 5.5" x 4.25" art print of  "Bizhiw".

Laura Martin is a First Nations Ojibwe artist hailing from Ontario, Canada.

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