My Story



I'm Deb Jasinski, owner of Ochre Metals.  For three decades, I thrived in the world of floral design. However, as the years passed, I found myself yearning for a new path - one that would be gentler on my body but still allow me to express my creative spirit.

In 2017, I embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation, diving into the art of metalsmithing. This transition breathed new life into my passion for crafting beauty from raw materials, as I transitioned from blossoms to metal. Drawing from my rich background in floristry, I bring an appreciation for nature's elegance to my jewellery creations.

I invite you to explore my collections, where the essence of nature meets the craftsmanship of metalsmithing. Each creation is a labour of love, a bridge between my past in the floral world and my present as a jewellery designer. 

Everything I create is made by hand in my studio in Kitchener, Ontario.  Thank you for choosing to support my small business.