Q:  Why does  "925" mean sterling silver? 

A:  Sterling silver is an alloy, which means that there are other metals mixed in it.  925 means that 92.5% of the alloy is silver and the other 7.5% copper.


Q:  What is fine silver?

A:  Fine silver is 99.9% silver.  


Q:  Why does sterling silver tarnish?

A:  Sterling silver contains copper.  It is the copper that makes sterling silver tarnish.


Q:  Does fine silver tarnish?

A:  No, it doesn't.  Fine silver contains no copper and therefore it will not tarnish. 


Q:  What are the benefits of sterling silver over fine silver? 

A:  Sterling silver is harder and more durable than fine silver.  It is also more affordable.


Q:  Are any of the products from Ochre Metals silver plated?

A:  No.  We only use sterling silver and fine silver.